The Villa in Puerto Vallarta- Nostalgia City

Updated: Jun 3, 2021

Patrick Browning

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When I was a kid, Christmas vacation was something to look forward to because we always took a vacation to Mexico. This was the routine, and we always stuck to it We went to the same place, Puerto Vallarta, and we stayed in the same villa, the Quinta Laura (formerly Casa Carol Ann) which thanks to Google I was able to locate. The time stamp on this was late 70's to mid 80's. The usual contingent consisted of aunts, uncles, cousins, a set of grandparents, a few guests. Total of around 15-20 persons, usually.

The villa was a perfect fit for our family. There was a main house of 8 bedrooms and a unattached 3 BR suite further down the slope of the mountain. I shared a room with my cousin. Everyone was spread out in different parts of the home. There were bedrooms that had louvred doors that opened up to the pool, but we slept somewhere else. There were spacious areas inside and out the villa, it never felt crowded.

The villa rested up the mountainside from the beach below, which was rocky and treacherous. Not for swimming, but it was just a 10 minute walk from there to Los Muertos beach. The villa was in the Conchas Chinas residential area, less than 1 mile south of Old Town. Generally, as children we were told we could not go down to the beach by ourselves, that it wasn't very safe for US citizens in Mexico, (this may or may not have been a legitimate concern at the time, I don't know I was 7, 8 years old) so we usually hung out around the pool at the villa. As we got older we tested that rule, of course.

My aunt and I, circa mid 80's. On vacation, PV. Same couch as above. And yes, Rock on. :)

Split between families, the villa was a bargain.


A Full Staff with cook, houseman, bartender and maid.

2 heated pools

A lot of great memories

I think if I were to walk into the Casa Carol Ann a lot of memories would come rushing back. Playing soccer in the courtyard, the small tremor of an earthquake, Jesus the caretaker mixing pina coladas at 4 p.m. The amazing grilled cheese sandwiches the cook would make us. The sunsets! It truly was our home away from home, which I think is as strong of an endorsement you can give any vacation destination.

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