Travel Advisory

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While the travel landscape has been changing constantly over the past year, there is reason for optimism moving forward.   With the vaccine rollout in the US moving at a steady pace, conditions for travelers are are improving every day.  Travel Obsession LLC is here to provide you advice and assistance in locating the best alternatives for you and your families.  Here are a few suggestions and resources to help.  


Book further in advance, and think of demand.   You're not alone in feeling the urge to travel.  We recommend getting your trip booked for next winter now, not in 6 months.  Take advantage of the lower rates and availability!   

For travel this summer and fall

Safety protocols are in place and robust at all major vacation resorts that are receiving guests.  However, if you are not yet comfortable in such an environment ,  a private villa or vacation rental can ease your mind and provide unique private amenities not found at resorts.  


Be vigilant of changes to Covid-19 restrictions for your destination and at home.  Most destinations require proof of a negative test in the past 72 hours.  Your home state may require the same upon return.    Some cruise lines will be requiring you to be vaccinated prior to sail.  It's always best to consult with your travel advisor, but we strongly encourage you to be watchful for changes to policies at home and abroad.  

Here is a link which will help keep you advised of the policies of nations around the world in regards to Covid-19.   


Travel Insurance

Previous to Covid-19, we would have recommended travel insurance to protect your trip against any of life's interruptions.  Today?  It's an absolute necessity.  Ask us which policy best fits your situation.