Booking Policies

Prices: Unless otherwise indicated, prices are per person and are subject to change and availability at time of booking. Once your booking is active, the price is firm. 
Booking Activation Deposit: Please refer to the agreed upon proposal/itinerary to determine the per person deposit to activate your reservation. 
Final Payment: The remainder balance of your booking is typically due between 90 and 30 days prior to the travel date.  The due date varies from supplier to supplier and will be noted in the final agreed upon itinerary.  If full final payment has not been received by the due date  indicated in the agreed upon booking , Travel Obsession LLC reserves the right to cancel the reservation without notice. 
Cancellations and Refunds: Cancellations will only be accepted in writing. Any penalties or fees will be subject to the terms and conditions as outlined in the final agreed upon itinerary. 

Specific items such as National Parks and Museum admission tickets are non-transferable and non-refundable. 
∙ Certain custom-designed programs may require the application of specific cancellation terms; whenever this requirement applies, you will be notified before the services are confirmed. 
∙ There are no refunds for unused services. 
∙ Air tickets cancellations and/or changes are subject to the corresponding airline policies, terms & conditions. 
Responsibility: Travel Obsession LLC of Glenview, IL, is a Full-Service Travel Agency. We arrange with independent parties to provide you with the travel services you purchase. These parties are independent suppliers over whom we have no direct control. In the absence of  negligence on our part we are not responsible for any claims, losses,  damages, costs, or expenses arising out of injury, accident or death;  damage or delay of baggage or other property; or delay,  inconvenience, loss of enjoyment, distress or frustration, whether  physical or mental arising from (1) the act or omission of any party  other than Travel Obsession LLC or its employees; (2)mechanical  breakdown, government actions, weather or other factors beyond our  control; (3) failure to obtain documents, passports, visas and health  certificates valid through the date of reentry, when required, in which  case a cancellation charge will be assessed; (4) failure to follow  instructions including but not limited to check-in and check-out times  and baggage handling; (5) cancellation or change for any reason in  travel services offered; and (6) medical or health problems or  physical disabilities.  
Travelers choosing to participate in these vacation programs do so at their own risk. Travel Obsession LLC is not to be held responsible for injuries, damage expenses and/or costs resulting from accidents or accidental death while participating in these vacation programs.